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How to effectively improve the quality of aluminum resistor products!

source:正阳兴 date:2020-10-26 21:55:15 author:正阳兴电子
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1, the establishment of ISO9000 quality assurance system, to ensure that we can continue to provide stable and reliable products.

2. Establish a total quality management system, and cultivate the quality awareness of full participation by all staff.

3, improve the quality of incoming materials

4. Strengthen incoming material inspection, establish detailed inspection standards for all raw materials, purchase necessary inspection equipment, and train corresponding IQC inspectors.

5. Establish a supplier management system and strengthen the management of suppliers.

6. Improve the quality of products in the production process

7. Improve the basic management work, including 6S, visual management and operation standardization, such as working out the operation instruction, assembly flow chart and improving the BOM, etc.

8, the establishment of "three inspection", to achieve the combination of self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection, improve the quality consciousness of operators.

9. Improve the operation skills of operators through training and education, and reduce the occurrence of human errors. Establish the post certificate system.

L0. Establish key control station system, rationalization proposal system, QCC quality control circle and TPM system.

L1. Key control of key time, key personnel and key processes.

L2, use SPC, QC seven techniques, 5WHY, three straight three present doctrine, FMEA, 8D, DOE, QFD, MSA, 6S and other technologies and tools to improve the quality.

L3, attach great importance to control in advance, prevention first, to find ways to prevent the occurrence of problems in advance, can not always wait for problems to solve the problem after the emergence of.

14. Formulate detailed finished product inspection and delivery inspection specifications, improve the inspection level, and strictly prevent defective products from flowing out of the process and workshop.

15. Improve the storage quality of the warehouse and the quality of goods transportation.

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