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Employee health is the foundation of enterprise sustainable development - Zhengyang Xing care about employee health side note

source:正阳兴 date:2020-10-26 17:42:35 author:正阳兴电子
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With the increase of sub-health people, and the increase of various occupational diseases, as a big parent of Zhengyangxing, Shi Zong is also always concerned about the physical and mental health of his family. For this reason, Zhengyangxing specially contacted professionals from social medical institutions to settle in Zhengyangxing, who will provide a one-week diagnosis and treatment for Zhengyangxing's family.

In the morning, the doctors came to Zhengyangxing early. Mr. Shi even pushed off the client's business agreement and came back to entertain them personally, telling them not to worry about the impact on the operation of the company. Mr. Shi hoped that all employees could benefit physically and mentally during the one-week treatment.

After the doctors had set up their equipment, we treated the office staff one by one, followed by the workers on the production line.


(Ha ha, the doctor is a beautiful woman with no problem, and there is a handsome one that I inadvertently and mercilessly omitted)

To measure blood pressure, pulse, palpation of the cervical spine, lumbar spine and a series of medical link, they are very patient and professional explanation for employees, and for some of the sub-health status gives professional advice, such as the good life habit, simple method of diet therapy and physical therapy, after inspection also specially gave employees simple physical therapy and massage. Their serious attitude, good professionalism, and professional diagnosis and treatment level make employees not only physically comfortable, but also warm and touched the hearts of every employee.

At the end of a day of diagnosis and treatment, the doctor also greeted us warmly.

Although, tomorrow we will see them, but looking at their back to leave, the heart is still some reluctant to give up, more is feeling. This feeling comes from the deep respect and gratitude to the doctor for his perseverance, and more importantly, from the deep gratitude and gratitude to the loving family of Zhengyangxing.

Thanksgiving has you, Thanksgiving has you. Thank you!!

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