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DRBY-3 Glazed WW Resistor

Product Name: Glazed Resistor / Vitreous Enameled Resistor / Enameled Wirewound Resistor / Enamel Glazed Resistor;
Power Range: 10W-500W;
Resistance range: 0.1Ω~20kΩ;
Tolerance range: ±0.5%~±10%;
Working Temp. range: - 55℃~ + 275℃;
Features: high power, high precision, anti-high temperature, anti-moisture, low noise, high stability.
Function: Reduce Voltage, Divide Voltage, Shunt, Load, Brake.
Application: inverter, numerical control, servo motor, power supply, electronic instrument, wind power, photovoltaic, power, communication, aerospace and other industrial control automation fields.

● Features & Structure

1. Product Features:

1) High power, high precision, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, humidity resistance, low noise, high stability.

2) One of the characteristics of glazed resistor is that the surface is glazed. This glaze refers to the glass glaze sintered by high temperature on the resistor surface, which makes the resistor surface smooth and moisture-proof, and the resistor is more resistant to high temperature, pollution, environmental protection and safety.

2. Product Structure:

1) Glazed resistor is also called enameled resistor, which is one of wire-wound resistor. Because of its special structure, it is different from the conventional wire-wound resistor, It is characterized by the T-groove at both ends of the porcelain tube. After the resistance conductive sheet is directly inserted into the T-groove, the port is sealed with inorganic materials, the starting point of winding wire is welded firmly at the root of the conductive plate, and the high stability resistance alloy wire is wound on the porcelain tube evenly, then coated with vitreous enamel at high temperature.

2) The glazed resistor adopts high quality alloy wire material and brass welding, which effectively improves the welding reliability and the qualified rate of finished products.

3) The customized special conductive plate is closely combined with the T-groove of porcelain tube, which increases the mechanical strength, avoids the bad phenomena of serration and pimple at the bottom of the traditional glazed resistor conductive sheet, and greatly improves the appearance quality of the product,.

4) Surface vitreous enamel is made by sintering at high temperature, which makes resistors more corrosion resistant, high temperature and humidity resistant, and is suitable for high temperature, corrosion and other harsh industrial control environment. If the winding is corrugated, it can eliminate parasitic inductance of resistor and improve the heat dissipation of resistor, extend the service life.

5) The surface vitreous enamel can be made in green or coffee color according to the requirements of customers, and other requirements can be customized according to the customer's needs.

3. Application Fields:

Glazed resistor is high temperature resistant and moisture-proof. It can be widely used in DC or low frequency AC circuits of various electrical equipment and electronic instruments for voltage reduction, voltage separation, shunt or load resistance. In rectifier power supply, it is used as filter resistor, step-down resistor, and as voltage divider and shunt in instrument.

● Technical Parameters

Test item

Test condition


Resistance tolerance

JIS-C-5202 5-1

Resistance Nominal Tolerance 1R 1>R ±5%(J) ±10%(K)

Temperature coefficient

JIS-C-5202 5-2


Power rating load

JIS-C-5202 5-4 40, power rating 1H

R±(1%+0.1Ω) Surface temperature up 350MAX

Short-term overload

JIS-C-5202 5-5, 1000% rated power 5 seconds

Free or appearance or structural irregularity 


Insulation resistance

JIS-C-5202 5-6 1000V DC

100 MΩ Min

Dielectric withstanding voltage

JIS-C-5202 5-7, 1000V DC 1 minute,

Between terminal and anchor stand. 

Free or appearance or structural irregularity R/R±(0.1%+0.05Ω)

Terminal strength

JIS-C-5202 6-1 ASZ 8kg 30s

Free of appearance or structural irregularity


JIS-C-5202 6-3 1.5mm, 10-50-10Hz/min X-Y-Z 2 hours each

Free or appearance or structural irregularity R±(1%+0.05Ω)

Thermal shock

JIS-C-5202 7-3 Room temp, 30 minutes ON-55℃, 15 minutes OFF

Resistor free of structural irregularity crack of vitreous enamel surface R±(2%+0.1Ω)


JIS-C-5202 7-5, 4090%RH 240 hours

Free or appearance or structural irregularity,
Surface coating crack ΔR/R±(3%+0.1Ω)

 Load life

JIS-C-5202 7-10, 90 minutes ON, 30 minutes OFF, 500 hours

Free of appearance or structural irregularity,
Surface coating crack ΔR/R±(1%+0.1Ω)

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