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ASCB2607 Ultra-thin Aluminum Resistor

Product Name: Ultra-thin Aluminum Housed Resistor / Braking Resistor;
Power Range: 60W-800W
Resistance Range: 0.1Ω~10KΩ
Tolerance Range: ±0.5%~±10%
Operation Temp. Range: -55℃~+275℃
Feature: ultra-thin 5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 15mm, small size, high power, high overload capacity, high stable.
Function: Braking, testing, starting, dis-charge, etc.
Application: Wind power, photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, inverter, elevator, lifting, CNC, servo, robot and other industrial control automation fields.

● Features & Structure

1. Product Features:

Small size, high power, ultra-thin, light, anti-impact, high stability, long life.

2. Product Structure:
2.1 The core parts of the resistance core are made of insulating and high temperature resistant materials as the resistance framework, high-quality alloy wires are evenly wound on the resistance framework, then filled into ultra-thin aluminum shell, and sealed with high quality and high thermal conductivity organic quartz sand, so that the metal aluminum shell and the core parts of the resistance are closely combined into a solid entity, which is not affected by external air and dust, and has high stability and thermal conductivity.

2.2 The aluminum shell is made of high-quality industrial 6063 aluminum, and the surface is treated by high-temperature anodization and silver mist, so as to achieve better appearance, insulation and heat dissipation effect.

2.3 The leading end is connected with high-quality high temperature resistant braided wire, which is not hairy and allergic.
2.4 When the Power Rating at 40W - 200W, the thickness of resistors can be 5mm, 7mm, 12mm.
    When the Power Rating at 200W - 500W, the thickness of resistors can be 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm.
2.5 We accept all kinds of non-standard customization to meet the needs of customers.

3. Application fields:

Inverter, servo motor, servo driver, power load, elevator, lifting, medium frequency furnace, electric furnace, induction heating equipment industry, new energy vehicle manufacturing, wind power pitch system, wind power electronic control system and converter, solar photovoltaic inverter industry, small and medium-sized wind turbine (including grid connected / off grid type), medical equipment Machinery industry (such as paper machine), communication industry, rail transit, railway locomotive, power system, fan load, mining equipment, transformer, CNC machine tool, reactive power compensation device, laser industry, aviation, shipbuilding, military industry, State Grid, engineering supporting, major universities and design and research institutes.

● Technical Parameters

Test item

Test condition


Resistance tolerance

JIS-C-5202 5-1

Resistance Nominal Tolerance 1R 1>R ±5%(J) ±10%(K)

Temperature coefficient

JIS-C-5202 5-2


Power rating load

JIS-C-5202 5-4 40, power rating 1H

R±(1%+0.1Ω)Surface temperature up 350

Short-term overload

JIS-C-5202 5-5, 500% rated power 5 seconds

Free or appearance or structural irregularity 


Insulation resistance

JIS-C-5202 5-6 1000V DC

100 MΩ Min

Dielectric withstanding voltage

JIS-C-5202 5-7, 2000V DC 1 minute

Free or appearance or structural irregularity 


Terminal strength

JIS-C-5202 6-1 ASZ 8kg 30s, ASCB / ASC 5kg 10s

Free of appearance or structural irregularity

Resistor strength

JIS-C-5202 6-2 ASZ 30kg 30s, ASCB / ASC 10kg 10s

Free of appearance or structural irregularity


JIS-C-5202 6-3 1.5mm,10-50-10Hz/min X-Y-Z 2 hours each

Free or appearance or structural irregularity
Surface coating crackR±(1%+0.05Ω)

Thermal shock

JIS-C-5202 7-3 Room temp 30 minutes
ON-5515 minutes OFF

Resistor free of structural irregularity crack
of silicon cement surface R±(2%+0.1Ω)


JIS-C-5202 7-5, 4090%RH 240H

Free or appearance or structural irregularity
Surface coating crack ΔR/R±(3%+0.1Ω)

 Load life

JIS-C-5202 7-10, 90Min ON-30Minutes OFF 500H

Free of appearance or structural irregularity
Discoloration of marking R±(3%+0.1Ω)


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