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DSR3 15W-20KW Variable Resistor

Product Name: Variable Resistor / Adjustable Resistor / High Power Rheostat / Sliding Adjustable Resistor / Wire-Wound Rheostat;
Power range: 20W-20kW;
Resistance range: 0.1Ω~510kΩ;
Tolerance range: ±5%~±10%;
Working Temp. range: - 55℃~ + 250℃;
Features: high power, fast heat dissipation, anti-vibrative, anti-impact, high stable, long service life.
Application: loading, braking, pre-charge, testing, starting, dis-charge, etc
Application: inverter, elevator, crane, CNC and other industrial automation fields.

● Features & Structure

1. Product features:

1) High power, fast heat dissipation, impact resistance, high stability, high mechanical strength.

2) The resistance value of DS Series high-power adjustable resistor is adjusted artificially to meet the needs of the circuit. Among the adjustable resistors, DS series resistors are the highest end type in both material selection and workmanship, so they are well recognized by users. According to the needs of users, the resistor can be equipped with temperature control device, scale, and for safety and beauty. It can also be made into adjustable resistor box, equipped with cooling fan, temperature control protection, over-current and over-voltage protection, alarm device, multi-function digital display (digital display of power, resistance, current, voltage, frequency, etc.) and single AC / DC dual-purpose function.

3) According to the different adjustment needs of users, DS series can be divided into the following three categories

DSR ordinary adjustable resistor needs to loosen the adjustable ring by hand, and then fix the adjustable ring after adjusting the resistance value, which is economical and practical. Power range: 10W ~ 20kW.

DST hand push adjustable resistor, push carbon brush by hand to adjust resistance value, easy to use. Power range: 100W ~ 20kW.

DSY hand adjustable resistor, the highest grade adjustable resistor, easily rotate the handle to adjust the resistance value, light, convenient, time-saving. Power range: 100W ~ 20kW.

2. Product structure:

1) The high temperature resistant mullite ceramic tube is used as the resistance matrix, the high-quality alloy wire is evenly wound, and the outside is coated with non combustible insulating heat dissipation oil paint to protect, so that the resistor has a better appearance and heat dissipation effect, after natural drying, baking at different temperatures before assembly.

2) DS series adjustable resistor is a way to realize continuous adjustment, and the step value can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers.

3) Because of the flexible installation method, it is often used to assemble high-power resistance box or resistance cabinet, which is an ideal electronic component for load test.

4) It can be made according to customers' requirements.

3. Application fields:

Inverter, servo motor, servo driver, power load, elevator, lifting, medium frequency furnace, electric furnace, induction heating equipment industry, new energy vehicle manufacturing, wind power pitch system, wind power electronic control system and converter, solar photovoltaic inverter industry, small and medium-sized wind turbine (including grid connected / off grid type), medical equipment Machinery industry (such as paper machine), communication industry, rail transit, railway locomotive, aviation, shipping, military industry units, welding equipment, environmental protection equipment, power system, fan load, mining equipment, transformer, CNC machine tool, reactive power compensation device, laser industry, State Grid, engineering supporting, universities and Design Institutes......

● Technical Parameters

Test item

Test condition


Resistance tolerance

JIS-C-5202 5-1

Resistance Nominal Tolerance 1R 1>R ±5%(J) ±10%(K)

Temperature coefficient

JIS-C-5202 5-2


Power rating load

JIS-C-5202 5-4 40,power rating 1H

R±(1%+0.1Ω)Surface temperature up 350 MAX

Short-term overload

JIS-C-5202 5-5, 1000% rated power 5 seconds

Free or appearance or structural irregularity 


Insulation resistance

JIS-C-5202 5-6 1000V DC

100 MΩ Min

Dielectric withstanding voltage

JIS-C-5202 5-7, 2000V DC 1 minute

Free or appearance or structural irregularity 


Terminal strength

JIS-C-5202 6-1 ASZ 8kg 30s, ASCB / ASC 5kg 10s

Free of appearance or structural irregularity


JIS-C-5202 6-3 1.5mm,10-50-10Hz/min X-Y-Z 2 hours each

Free or appearance or structural irregularity
Surface coating crackR±(1%+0.05Ω)

Thermal shock

JIS-C-5202 7-3 Room temp 30 minutes
ON-5515 minutes OFF

Resistor free of structural irregularity crack
of silicon cement surface R±(2%+0.1Ω)


JIS-C-5202 7-5, 4090%RH 240H

Free or appearance or structural irregularity
Surface coating crack ΔR/R±(3%+0.1Ω)

 Load life

JIS-C-5202 7-10, 90Min ON-30Minutes OFF 500H

Free of appearance or structural irregularity
Discoloration of marking R±(3%+0.1Ω)

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