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HDB Edgewound Resistor

Product Name: Edgewound Resistors / High Power Resistor / High Current Resistor / Dynamic Braking Resistor
Rated Power Range: 500W-3000W
Resistance Range: 0.05Ω~10Ω
Tolerance: ±5%, ±10%
Operating Temperature Range: -55℃~+275℃
Features: High Power, High Current, Anti-ompact, High Stability.
Function: Loading, Testing, Braking, and so on.
Application fields: railway, locomotive, aviation, inverter, numerical control, wind power, photovoltaic, electric power, industrial control automation.

● Features & Structure

1. Features:
HDB series high power resistance, small volume, low inductance, strong impact resistance, high stability, suitable for low resistance and high current situation, power range: 500W ~ 3KW
2. Structure:

HDB edgewound resistors are lightweight, heavy-duty units consisting of a non-corrodible, high quality stainless steel alloy. The ribbon-like element is wound on edge in the form of a helix, and then spun onto a ceramic core. Type ER resistors are supported by a threaded rod passing through the center of the ceramic core. Type ERB resistors are supported by a mounting bar which is slotted at either end. Fixed terminations are made by welding stainless steel tabs to either end of the element, or at various points for multiple connections. This unit includes fixed terminals, through-rods, through-bars, hardware and stain-less steel element.
3. Application:

Edgewound resistor commonly used for VFD braking, motor control, load banks and neutral grounding applications. are suitable for continuous duty applications where low resistance and high current are required.  The high element mass allows these units to withstand high current, intermittent duty applications. This characteristic, combined with the high-temperature ceramic insulation, makes the edgewound ideal for neutral grounding applications, which reach temperatures as high as 800°C.

● Technical Parameters

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