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HDRU-2 High Power Stainless Steel Resistor

Product Name: High Power Resistor / High Current Load Resistor
Rated Power Raange: 500W-2000W
Resistance Range: 0.05Ω~100Ω
Tolerance: ±0.5%~±10%
Operating Temperature Range: -55℃~+275℃
Features: High Power, High Current, Anti-impact, High stability, High performance.
Function: Loading, Testing, Braking, and so on.
Application fields: railway, locomotive, aviation, inverter, numerical control, wind power, photovoltaic, electric power, industrial control automation.

● Features & Structure


HD series high-power resistor has the advantages of solid structure, small volume, high power and stable performance. It is an ideal product for high impact and long-term load environment. It can also be assembled into a resistance box according to the needs.

2. Product structure:
1) The resistance wire materials of high-energy and high-power resistance series are made of high-quality high-temperature resistant, stable electrical performance, low temperature coefficient nickel chromium wire or copper wire.
2) HDRU high-power stainless steel heat sink alloy resistance tube body adopts 304 stainless steel tube with high extensibility and oxidation resistance. The resistance alloy wire is fixed in the stainless steel tube, and filled and sealed with high-quality magnesia powder. The external height is 6.5mm ± 1, and the thickness is 0.4mm ± 0.2 stainless steel heat sink helps heat dissipation. The connecting screws and fixing screw posts of hdru products are made of brass or 304 stainless steel. They are of high quality, lightweight and economical. They are also ideal components for making load resistance boxes.
3. Application fields:
1) Compared with traditional products, it is more suitable for long-term high current load or more severe environment.
2) Especially suitable for railway / locomotive / aviation / crane / generator test / environmental protection equipment.

● Technical Parameters

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