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HDR Spring Coil Wound Resistor

Product Name: High Power Resistor / High Current Load Resistor / Open Helical Coil Wound Resistor / Spring Coil Wound Resistor / Wirewound Resistor/ Dynamic Braking Resistor
Rated Power Range: 500W-3000W
Resistance Range: 0.05Ω~100Ω
Tolerance: ±5%, ±10%
Operating Temperature: -55℃~+375℃
Features: High Energy Load Resistance, small dimensions, high power, high current
Application: this type resistors are frequently used for light to medium duty braking of variable frequence drives, speed regulation, wye-delta starting, heating applications, elevator controls, high resistance neutral grounding and any type of AC or DC power circuit.

● Features & Structure

Product Features:

High Energy Load Resistance, small dimensions, high power, high current, High Pulse Energy absorption, fast heat dissipation.

Products Structure:

ZENITHSUN HDR series Helical Coil Wound Resistors feature a high quality stainless resistor alloy wound into a long spring then wrapped onto a spirally grooved ceramic insulating core. The resistor element is attached at each end of the resistor to a robust stainless steel terminal that is clamped to the core . The open-type design allows the resistor element to come in direct contact with ambient air allowing it to cool more efficiently than coated resistors. The insulating core is produced from Mullite ceramics which offers excellent thermal shock resistance and sound mechanical strength.

ZENITHSUN offers customized products.

● Technical Parameters

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