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Flat Divider Voltage Resistor-RF82

Name: High Voltage Resistor / Flat High Voltage Resistors / High Voltage Glass Glazed Resistor
Power Range:1/4W-3W
Resistance:1 Ω ~ 500M
Tolerance: ± 0.5% ~± 10%
Working Voltage : 10KV ~ 30KV
Features: thick film non inductance, wide resistance range,resistance high pressure ,high precision, low temperature coefficient, high stability
Application:partial pressure use Application fields:high voltage circuit, power system, power electronics, medical equipment, instrumentation, variable frequency drive,new energy vehicles, wind power, photovoltaic new energy and other fields.

Structure & Features 

1.Product Features:
1)Thick film non-inductive technology, small volume,high precision, low temperature coefficient, low voltage coefficient, resistant high voltage , stable performance.
2)Temperature coefficient: 15ppm ~ ± 100ppm.
3)Working voltage range from 4KV to 30KV, resistance value range from 1 Ω - 500M Ω, customized solutions could be available upon request.
2.Product Structure:
1)RI82 series matrix is made of high alumina ceramics with more than 96% aluminum content, silver is used as the conducting electrode and ruthenium is used as the resistor film.The resistor film is printed on the ceramic chip to make the resistor have the characteristics of high stability, precision and resistant high voltage.
2)The leading end is welded with a lead pin to provide a firm terminal electrode connection.
3)The surface is coated with black high-voltage insulation and heat dissipation paint, which is baked at high temperature after natural drying.
3.Application Area:
1)High voltage system: such as high voltage inverter and high voltage circuit, voltage divider circuit and high voltage power electronics field.
2)It is used in environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, electrostatic precipitator, power system, instrument, etc.
3)Arc suppression circuit of capacitor, high voltage buffer circuit.
4)Pulse modulator, imaging equipment, impulse voltage generator and other AC / DC or pulse circuits.

Technical   Parameters

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