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ZBG-8 Plate Wirewound Resistors Assembling

Product Name: ZB Plate-type Wirewound Resistor / High Power Wirewound Resistor
Power Rating: 300W - 3000W
Resistance Value: 0.1Ω-500Ω
Resistance Tolerance: ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%

● Basic Parameter
Power Range 300W-3000W


Place of Origin China
● Features & Structure

1. Product Features:

1) Power Range: 300W-3000W

2) It can realize corrugated winding mode (increasing resistance and eliminating parasitic inductance) and non inductive winding mode, which can not only eliminate the parasitic inductance of resistor, but also improve the heat dissipation of resistor. It can also be flexibly changed according to customer requirements to make a single resistance value into more than 2 resistance values or a combination of multiple resistors in series and parallel.

3) ZB series plate type resistor has stable resistance value, small change rate, high power and strong overload capacity.

2. Product Structure:

1) ZB series plate type wire-wound resistor is wound with nickel chromium, constantan or new constantan alloy wire and other high-quality alloy wires on an steel plate with electroplated surface or aluminum plate with anodized surface or mica plate. Ceramic devices are used to separate the winding wire from the substrate plate, so that the winding wire can be evenly and regularly placed over the substrate plate, which plays a good role in fixing Insulation and heat dissipation.

2) Aluminum plate or steel plate matrix has no fixed form and can be made arbitrarily according to customer requirements, breaking the limitations of the industry.

3. Application Fields:

Voltage and current regulation in low frequency AC circuit. It can be used as a series of resistor elements in series for motor, starting, braking and speed regulation.

● Technical Parameters

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