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Aluminum Housed Resistors
Consistency starts with every detail

Self-contained Heatsink Design

6063 industial aluminum self-contained heatsink, with 15μ-anodic oxidation treatment .

High Temperature Electronic Glue

Fix and protect fly wires, prevent loosening, wear.

Selection of high pure white silica sand

Brings resistors reliable sealing & insulativity, make resistors have good heat dissipation and have good capacity to resist shock.

Low temperature drift resistance wire

Selection of high quality resistance alloy wire, RTC low to 25ppm/℃.

High temperature resistant braided wire

High quality glass-fiber braided silicone wire .No fuzz, no stimulus, can bear 200℃.

Stable structure & Durable Life

IP68 grade design, waterproof & moisture-proof.
Did you have the following confusion when you bought resistors?
  • Resistors smoking,
    gives off a pungert smell?
  • Resistance open circuit,
    burn out,
    even explode?
  • Too hot?
    Resistance valve varies greatly?
  • Suppliers'service
    attitude are poor?


Let you have no worries!



Wirewound Resistors

ZENITHSUN-Power Resistors and Load Banks solution provider

Advantages of Ceramic Tube Wirewound Resistors

Low Temperature Coefficient Alloy Resistance Wire

Resistance wires are evenly distributed,with thicker wire diameters,which are not easy to burn and can withstand greater impact power.

Corrugated Wirewound Process

effectively increase the heat dissipation area & reduce inductance.

Ceramic Pipes with Low noise

Ceramic Pipes with good quality, resistant to high termperature & Vibration & Humidity.

Durable Insulation paint-coating

Non-inflammability paint-coating,
protect the resistance wire from
oxidation & enhance
heat dissipation.

Thickened Bracket,

Thickened galvanized or stainless steel bracket,more reliable and stable.

Built-in ripple braking resistors

Aluminum housed resistors, edge-wound resistors, stainless steel gride resistors are available.

Force Air Cooling System

Powerful fans, fast heat dissipation, quiet operation

Portable Design

handles, fly rings, casters for easy move

Baking finish metal enclosure,corrosion resistant

1.5-1.8mm thickness,more reliable structure,
Detachable design, easy for internal cleaning and maintenance
Huge production capacity guarantees the delivery time


A Trustworthy Industry Brand ---ZENITHSUN

Focus on doing only one thing -- provide professional, reliable, full-scale Resistors & Load Banks.


R&D Strength

ZENITHSUN has an experienced technical team, and has 30 years of technical experience in the resistors industry, cooperates with South China university of technology, to provide customers with a full range of more innovative design solutions at any time


Quality Assurance

ZENITHSUN has successively passed the ISO9001 management system certification since 2011 and the IATF16494 international quality system certification in 2013, and has the most comprehensive testing


Careful selection of materials

ZENITHSUN commits to high quality and high-end market, careful selection of materials for all power resistors and load banks

Application field
widely used in frequency converter, servo,motor, robot, elevators, lifting, tower crane, hoist, wire drawing machine,oil fields, ports, docks,
mines and other industrial control equipment and wind power, photovoltaic, rail transportation and other fields.
  • Frequency converter
  • Elevator
  • Crane
  • Ship
  • Power supply
  • Welding
  • Aviation
  • Wind power generation
  • Solar power generation
  • Automation Equipment
  • Railway system
  • Military Industry