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Thick Film non-inductive Resistor -ZMP35

Name: Thick Film Non-inductive High Power Resistor / Non-inductive Thick Film Power Resistor
Rated Power:35W(Bottom plate center temperature ≤25℃)
Power Range:30W 35W 50W 100W
Resistance: 0.1 Ω ~ 1M
Tolerance: ± 0.5% ~± 5%
Working Voltage : 450V
Features: thick film non inductive, small volume, high performance, high stability
Application fields:Suitable for switching power supply and medical machinery, electrical equipment, variable frequency drive, new energy and other applications

Structure & Features

1.Product Features:

1)ZMP35 thick film non- inductive power resistor is encapsulated with TO220, which is with small volume, high power and easy installation.
The resistor base plate is directly bonded with the radiator, and the power can reach 35W when the center temperature of the base plate is lower than 25 .
2)Insulation voltage: 1500VAC 
3)Temperature coefficient: ± 50ppm ± 500ppm (25  105 )
4)Working temperature range: - 55  ~ + 125 

2.Product Structure:
1)The standard TO-220 molded encapsulation with exposed ceramic substrate can effectively increase the effective area of resistor film and make the resistor have strong pulse load performance.
2)The bottom plate is fixed by M3 screw, with special installation spring, which improves the mechanical strength of the molded resistor, so that the pressure of  the fixing screw directly acts on the center of the resistor, and enhances the resistor thermal conductivity .
3)Standard tinned copper wire lead form, easy installation.
4)Insulated from bottom heat sink.
5)Customized solutions could be available upon request.
3.Application Area:

1)It is suitable for switching power supply and medical devices, electric power equipment, variable frequency drive, new energy and other applications.
2)AC and DC pulse circuits.

Technical  Parameters 

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