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Adjustable Load Bank- 10KW10R J×9sets

The DS Series high-power adjustable resistor / high-power adjustable resistor box produced by ZENITHSUN is upgraded from DR series high-power wirewound resistors,its resistance value can be adjusted artificially to meet the needs of the circuit.

Structure & Features 

1.Load Bank   Features

1)Power Scope :1KW-20KW

2)According to the users requests, the resistors can be equipped with temperature control device and digital scale.

For the needs of safety & convenience,we recommend that it is better to put the adjustable resistors into enclosure, which can be equipped with cooling fan, temperature control protection,over-current and over-voltage protection, alarm device, multi-function digital display (digital display of power, resistance,current, voltage, frequency, etc.) and AC / DC dual-purpose function .

2.Load Bank    Structure

1) DS series resistors are made of high-quality alloy wire wound on the ceramic tube resisted high temperature by professional winding equipment according to the different resistance values. The surface is protected by heat insulating paint and baked in natural shade and high temperature.

2) DS series is a continuous adjustable way, the steps value can be adjusted according to the customers requirements.

3) A single resistor can be made into a resistor box, or multiple resistors can be combined in series and parallel to form an adjustable resistor box, which can achieve high power adjustable to meet the voltage and current parameters, which is flexible and convenient.

3.Application  Area:

Electric power, communication, aerospace and other industries, as well as generator sets, transformers, UPS power supply, batteries, solar energy, wind energy, welding machines and other fields and colleges testing, load use.

Technical  Parameters

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