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Resistive Intelligent AC Load Bank 3Phase 4Wires 2625

Structure & Features 

1.Load Bank Features

1)It can reach the electrical parameters with high power (10kW to 15MW),high voltage ( A380V to 690V) or high current (10000A or more).

2)According to the needs to design the load steps,configure intelligent digital display meter,all protections can be configured optionally (Overheating alarm, Short circuit protection, Overheating protection, Fan overloading protection, Emergency stop button etc.).Customized solutions could be available upon request.

3)The load bank can be controlled locally or remotely.

Local control: the load bank is equipped with local control panel and divided into several power gears, which can be controlled by switches.

PLC Remote Control: remote control is achieved through the control mode selection switches on the remote control box.

2.Load Bank Structure

1) When a single resistor can't meet load demand, multiple resistors are combined in series and parallel to increase power to meet the requirements.

2) The internal load resistors are circularly cooled by the axial fans.

3)The types of load built-in resistors are: high power wire wound resistors, aluminum housed resistors, high energy resistors, plate resistors, stainless steel resistors, high voltage resistors.

3. Notes:

1) There shall be no flammable and explosive corrosive medium in the installation scope.

2) Connect the load and instrument power supply according to the identification on the equipment panel. After confirming that the voltage is normal, turn on the instrument power switch on the enclosure. At this time, all instruments display "0", all fans operate normally, and connect the load power supply .

3) To ensure safety, please do not touch the cabinet surface (except the panel) to prevent scalding.

4) After the load bank stops working, please delay 30 minutes to turn off the power supply of the fans, so as to avoid the accumulation of high temperature causing damage to other parts (such as instruments, switches, etc.)

5) There will be light smoke when the load is used for the first time,which is a normal phenomenon that silicone resin volatilizes when it meets high temperature medium.

4.Application Area:

Generator test, power supply equipment, battery test, frequency converter, elevator, sub arc welding machine, lifting machinery, construction machinery, ship, rolling mill, wire drawing machine, centrifuge, UPS power supply, pulse load application, winch, generator, transformer, starting, braking, speed regulation and load test, as well as medical, railway, automobile, military and industrial control environment, etc.echnical Parameters     

Technical Parameters    

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