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NGR Neutral Ground Resistors -400KW10KV

Features: 1.Neutral grounding resistor is a resistor connected in series between the neutral point and the ground of power grid.
2.Selecting the proper resistance value of the resistor can be not only release the energy of the second half wave of the single-phase grounding arc to reduce the possibility of arc reburning and suppress the radiation value of the grid over-voltage, but also improve the sensitivity of the relay protection device to act on tripping operation, so as to effectively protect the normal operation of the system.
3.Used widely used in AC network, especially in cable power network.

Structure & Features

1.Load Bank  Features

1) Temperature control protection & alarm devices can be customized for outdoor use according to the users requests .

2) Voltage Range: 6kv-35kv.

2.Load Bank  Structure

1) Built in stainless steel resistors or high energy resistors,with characteristic of high conductivity, strong current capacity, high temperature resistance.

2) It can implement cabinets in parallel to reach high power, meet voltage and current parameters,which is very flexible and convenient.

3.Application  Area:

Generator, transformer, power system of power plant, power supply system of substation, power distribution system of industrial and mining enterprises, etc

Technical  Parameters

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