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Zhengyang xing resistance cabinet, resistance cabinet factory basic inspection standards!

source:正阳兴 date:2020-10-26 21:52:58 author:正阳兴电子
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Ex-factory inspection of resistance cabinet is a very important link. Improving product quality is the eternal pursuit of enterprises. Ex-factory inspection of resistance cabinet is to inspect the quality of finished products after completion. The following is Zhengyang xing resistance manufacturers factory basic inspection standards.

Zhengyang xing resistance cabinet, resistance cabinet factory basic inspection standards!

1、外观检测:检测柜体是否有划痕,柜体的颜色是否按图纸及技术要求生产。1. Appearance inspection: check whether the cabinet has scratches and whether the color of the cabinet is produced according to the drawings and technical requirements.

2, cabinet size: tape measure length, width and height according to the drawing processing.

3. Whether all kinds of accessories (beams, side beams) in the cabinet are complete.

4, cabinet lock, shutter, door shaft, clamp spring is normal.

5. Test the rated resistance value of resistor. (Appearance of resistor, withstand voltage, overload test, etc.)

6. Whether the model, specification and quantity of components meet the requirements of the drawings.

7. Whether the components are in good condition and the installation firmness meets the process requirements.

8. Whether the component identification label is installed correctly, neatly and firmly.

9. Whether the electrical clearance meets the process standards.

10. Whether the cross-sectional size of the wire meets the process requirements and whether the connection is reliable.

11. Whether the copper bar configuration meets the drawing and process requirements.

12. Performance testing.

13. Power on test before leaving the factory to ensure that the secondary wiring is correct and the normal operation of the indicator lights and components.

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