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How to improve the aluminum shell resistance compliance product quality!

source:正阳兴 date:2020-10-26 21:52:23 author:正阳兴电子
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The degree to which the quality characteristics of aluminum shell resistors meet the requirements, that is to say, the process quality, is determined by the processing capacity, which depends on the six factors we are familiar with (human machine material cyclic measurement). At present, the factors that affect the conformity quality of our products are mainly: the management of personnel, the management of equipment, the management of operation methods, and the use and management of testing instruments.

We have no definite solution to the material problem.
Management of people:

Improving product quality starts with changing bad habits and paying attention to details. Recurring quality problems are often influenced by old habits, old ideas and old methods. "It's always been this way," "it's inevitable," or "you can't do anything about it." This kind of conservative thinking is at the root of the problem. Change the thought, change the idea is to improve the premise of conformity quality of products. Secondly, it is necessary to enhance the quality awareness of employees, whose ideological quality determines the quality of his work, and also determines the quality of his products. A low quality team will never have a high quality product.

1. Operators' skills and quality awareness are key factors, which are the main reasons for poor products. Improving skills and strengthening quality awareness are the first issues to be solved.

2. To ensure that the ability of the staff is competent, that is, have the ability to do the job

Provide necessary training (including quality awareness, operation skills, testing methods, etc.)

4. Encourage employees to participate in quality improvement to strengthen the control and understanding of the process. Clear the responsibility and authority of each operator, clear the quality goal of this position, and the relationship between his work and the realization of the goal, aware of the importance of the work undertaken.

Equipment management:
Equipment is an important condition to ensure that process production meets product quality requirements. It plays a key role in ensuring process quality. Its accuracy, stability and reliability will directly affect the fluctuation range of processing quality characteristics. So we have to have good equipment. This requires each of our employees to do a good job of equipment maintenance in accordance with the provisions, to regularly detect the key precision and performance of the equipment.

In the equipment maintenance system, stress the key parts of the equipment daily spot inspection system. Strictly follow the operating procedures.

Operation method management:

1. Must strictly implement the process discipline, determine the best processing method, select reasonable processing parameters and fixtures, and prepare the necessary operation instructions.

2. The operation instructions should be trained or communicated to ensure that the operators can understand and master the operation requirements.

3. Can correctly understand and master the quality objectives of the position, and can timely find and take corresponding measures when the quality deviates from the requirements.

4. Test and record the process quality according to the regulations, and ensure that the records are filled in timely, complete, true and clear.

5. Do a good job of "three self-control" (self-inspection, distinguish qualified and unqualified by themselves, and mark by themselves) "one control" to control the correct rate of self-inspection.

Use of testing equipment:
1. Ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measuring tools used

2. The applicability of measuring tools, first of all, the correct choice of measuring tools, there is a correct measurement method.