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Stable and adjustable high power corrugated and wound resistors!

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Wwound resistor is made of nickel chromium wire or manganese copper wire, constantan wire wound on the porcelain tube, fixed and adjustable. Wounded resistors are characterized by high precision resistance value, low noise, stable and reliable operation, and can withstand high temperature.

Stable and adjustable high power corrugated and wound resistors!

It can work normally under the ambient temperature of 170℃. But its volume is large, resistance value is lower, mostly in 100KΩ the following. In addition, due to structural reasons, its distributed capacitance and inductance coefficients are relatively large, so it cannot be used in high frequency circuits.
These resistors are usually used for buck or load purposes in high-power circuits.

☆ Features:? High flame retardant and high temperature resistant inorganic coating layer is used to protect the resistance wire from oxidation, with long service life and easy heat dissipation.

☆ Application: elevator, sub-Gu welding machine, hoisting machinery, construction machinery, rolling mill, wire drawing machine, centrifuge, load test.

☆ Manufacture: wire-wound resistors are made of resistance wires wound on the insulation framework. Resistance wire is generally made of nickel chromium, manganese copper and other alloys with certain resistivity. Insulation skeleton is made of ceramic, metal coated with insulating layer and other materials into tubular, flat and other shapes.

Resistance wire on the skeleton can be wound according to the need of one layer, can also be wound multiple layers, or use non-inductive winding method.

☆ Features:? Wire-wound fixed resistor is clamped ring fixed, longitudinal lead out, the surface is coated with high temperature insulation coating, suitable for small current, large resistance value; It has the characteristics of large power, strong overload resistance, reliable performance and easy to use.

☆ Application: Widely used in all kinds of electrical equipment and electronic equipment DC or AC for buck shunt load use.

☆ Resistor technical parameters: power range: 10W-10000W Resistance range: 1Ω-100K ~ Rated temperature rise: ≤375℃ between the electrode and the mounting frame withstand voltage: 3KV Protection grade: IP: 00 Resistance change ≤±3% under the rated power

Short-time load capacity: 10 times power 6 seconds Ambient temperature: -55℃+315℃

High-power wire-wound resistors include fixed wire-wound resistors, corrugated wire-wound resistors and adjustable wire-wound resistors. Can be customized according to customer requirements, a resistance can achieve multiple resistance values, can be made into non-inductive and adjustable mode.

Applicable industries: welder, elevator, generator, audio, frequency converter, etc