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Common problem handling techniques for resistor failure

source:正阳兴 date:2020-03-26 12:14:16 author:正阳兴电子
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The use of the resistor for a long time will avoid some problems, such as noise and loosening when using, and the phenomenon of pointer jumping. The problems are different when using the resistor at different time. This paper introduces some processing skills for the common problems of the resistor failure.

(1) First, let us look at the appearance of the thermistor. Potentiometer or thermistor must be marked clear, welding or pin no rust, rotary shaft rotation flexible, appropriate tightness, rotation feel is smooth, while there is no mechanical noise and jitter phenomenon.

(2) the use of hand gently shake potentiometer welding or thermistor pin, there should not be loose phenomenon.

Common problem handling techniques for resistor failure

(3) the multimeter electric resistance to the appropriate range, and then we in the ohmic zero, and finally use two meter pen (regardless of positive and negative) respectively and the two ends of the resistor pins, so that we can measure the actual resistance value. Finally, the test value and the nominal value of the resistor to check, so that you can be a good judge of the potentiometer or thermistor is intact. If the pointer of the multimeter is stationary, it indicates that the internal resistance body is disconnected.

(4) the center pin of the potentiometer or thermistor is connected with the active contacts inside it. We use the multimeter of the two pen respectively connected to the center of the pin and any of the rest of the pin, and then slowly rotating shaft handle, the head pointer needs to move smoothly corresponding, if the pointer has a jump, fall phenomenon, then it shows that the movable contact point and the resistance body is not good contact.

The above is the problem of the resistor fault processing skills, the relevant content is here, the specific information can call the manufacturer for consultation.