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What are the characteristics of aluminum resistors?

source:正阳兴 date:2020-03-26 11:52:50 author:正阳兴电子
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Aluminum shell resistors in the power resistors category, because of its unique stability and beauty, it is the most preferred use in the field of industrial control, testing and new energy industry. Now let's understand what the characteristics of aluminum shell resistance are?

1, widely used: aluminum shell resistance is widely used in power supply, frequency converter, elevator, lifting, ship, servo, stage audio and numerical control equipment and other high request of the electrical circuit, can work for a long time in the intractable industrial control environment.

2. Beautiful shape: The metal shell of aluminum resistor is made of advanced industrial aluminum alloy material cut, and anodized with thickness of 10U-15U or above, which makes it more strong oxidation resistance, high insulation, and beautiful appearance.

What are the characteristics of aluminum resistors?       

(Gold aluminum resistor precharge resistor)

3, good heat dissipation: metal aluminum shell surface has heat dissipation groove, good heat dissipation performance, suitable for heat dissipation plate device.

4. Small volume and high power: because the aluminum shell has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and strong overload capacity, the outer groove design can increase the area in contact with the air, so that the aluminum shell resistance can achieve the double consequence of small volume and large power, so as to effectively save the device space.

5, high stability, impact resistance: silicone quartz sand material and aluminum shell integrated packaging, so that aluminum shell resistance perfect sealing, good shock resistance, high insulation, safe and durable!

6, high accuracy, small error: can be made according to customer requirements without feeling, high precision.

7, convenient installation: a variety of shapes combined with a variety of wiring methods (small power to take the lead line, high power to take the conductive row or lead line), easy to device.

Physical characteristics of resistance in aluminum shells

The main physical characteristic of aluminum resistance is the energy of heat energy, also can be said that aluminum resistance is an energy consuming element, the current through it will produce internal energy. A resistor usually acts as a voltage divider and shunt in a circuit. For signals, both AC and DC signals can pass through resistors.