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Classification and main characteristic parameters of resistors

source:正阳兴 date:2020-03-26 12:21:29 author:正阳兴电子
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Classification of resistors

1, wire-wound resistor: general wire-wound resistor, precision wire-wound resistor, high-power wire-wound resistor, high-frequency wire-wound resistor.

2, film resistor: carbon film resistor, synthetic carbon film resistor, metal film resistor, metal oxide film resistor, chemical deposition film resistor, glass glazed film resistor, metal nitriding film resistor.

3, solid resistor: inorganic synthesis of solid carbon resistor, organic synthesis of solid carbon resistor.

4, sensitive resistors: varistors, thermistors, photoresistors, force resistors, gas resistors, hygroscopic resistors.

Classification and main characteristic parameters of resistors

Main characteristic parameters

1. Nominal resistance value: the resistance value marked on the resistor.

2. Allowable error: the percentage of the difference between the nominal resistance value and the actual resistance value and the ratio of the nominal resistance value is called the resistance deviation, which represents the accuracy of the resistor.

Allowed error and precision grade corresponding relationship is as follows: plus or minus 0.5% to 0.05, 00 (or), plus or minus 1% 0.1 + / - 2% - 0.2 (or zero), plus or minus 5% Ⅰ, plus or minus 10% Ⅱ, plus or minus 20% Ⅲ level